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Why Quality Assurance is Imperative

The evolution of digital has made quality assurance (QA) a top priority for digital success. Brands need to ensure their quality assurance testing can keep pace with the constant digital innovations that impact development. Today, development cycles require more efficient web and mobile performance testing. Agile development has led to shortened release cycles, more testing iteration cycles and a demand for equally agile testing.

Agile testing often requires a mix of manual testing and test automation throughout the lifecycle of a solution: from the development cycle through to the live experience. A series of performance testing, functional testing, regression testing, smoke testing and user acceptance testing should be used to verify the quality of a site or app and ensure best-in-class, high-performing experiences.

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Usablenet QA Services

Since Usablenet’s founding, our QA testing experts have ensured the quality of more than 500+ mobile web and app experiences for clients in a wide range of industries. With more than 16 years of experience, we have a proven and unique approach to web and mobile testing.

Usablenet’s quality assurance services provide robust, flexible and agile testing, and include a unique offering of user experience and web accessibility testing. We combine manual testing and test automation tools to support clients in assuring the best possible experience across environments and channels, which can be managed by Usablenet’s QA team or by the client themselves (self-service).

What's the benefit of Usablenet's Quality Assurance? Our unique manual and automated testing tools assure function and performance, verify UX quality, ensure accessibility compliance, and support live site monitoring. Learn more



Do your website and mobile experiences meet WCAG 2.0 standards for web accessibility?

Take the first step toward creating an inclusive online experience for all. Learn how Usablenet’s Accessibility Services can help you get started, as well as how to respond to and defend against accessibility-related legal demands.

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