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The Ritz Carlton Hotel

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About The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Luxury Guest Experiences on Mobile Web and App

Working with Usablenet, world-renowned luxury hospitality brand Ritz-Carlton started its mobile journey in 2010 with a fully functional mobile booking site, followed by the launch of a highly acclaimed mobile app in 2012. The goal was to provide self-service functionality on mobile that reflects the same highly responsive and personalized service provided by staff members.

Key features of Ritz-Carlton’s mobile offerings

  • Mobile site – While booking is the primary focus of the mobile site, Ritz-Carlton also added convenient features such as hotel, shop, and spa information.
  • Mobile app – The Ritz-Carlton app was the first to offer a personalized experience based on location, switching automatically between “At Home” and “At Hotel” modes. The “At Home” mode offers pre-trip travelers all the functionality of a hotel booking service. The “At Hotel” mode delivers personalized notifications, location-specific advice, concierge-like information, and exclusive offers to on-site guests.
  • Food & Beverage Service – In 2015, Ritz-Carlton launched its Food & Beverage Service on the mobile site and app, enabling guests to easily place orders for in-room or pool-side delivery. Guests can track their orders in real-time.

Luxury and convenience builds loyalty

Ritz-Carlton has seen a steady increase in revenues via the mobile channel since launching the enhanced mobile site and app. In fact, the app was downloaded over 37,000 times during the first two weeks, and membership sign-ups from rewards members have increased by 50%. Today, Ritz-Carlton continues to create a memorable, luxury experience that burnishes the brand and establishes customer loyalty. 


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