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About The Body Shop

Improving UX Required More Than Cosmetic Changes

The Body Shop is a global cosmetics brand with stores located around the world. Despite its brick-and-mortar success, the company needed to improve its mobile experience and increase its stagnating conversion rate on mobile. To cater to the needs of new and returning users, The Body Shop contracted with Usablenet to improve key areas such as navigation, product and content pages, and checkout.

New UX features enhance browsing and shopping journeys

Usablenet effected a UX redesign that made it easier for mobile users to browse products and shop. Specific features of the redesign included:

  • An engaging homepage with primary calls to action, imagery, and promotions
  • Global navigation menu that allows users to quickly drill down a specific category
  • Personalization through wish lists that encourage customers to create an account
  • Simplified content and product options on product display pages
  • Single-page checkout

Holiday shoppers embraced The Body Shop on mobile

The new site was launched in the US just before the 2015 holiday shopping season and the results were very positive. Users experienced a 30% faster page load time, and the more streamlined checkout process produced a 14% increase in transactions on Black Friday. By reducing the number of page loads, users could complete their tasks more easily, resulting in a higher conversion. 


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