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Liz Earle

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About Liz Earle

Bringing Both Performance and Functionality to the Mobile Environment

Liz Earle is an award-winning British retailer committed to offering ethically sourced beauty products and personalized service. In 2013, Liz Earle partnered with Usablenet to launch a next-gen mobile website in the UK, followed by a US version in 2015. The goal was to carry over the vital, engaging user experience of the company’s desktop site to the mobile environment without sacrificing performance.

Feature-rich site reflects user preferences

Usablenet designed an integrated, highly personalized shopping experience for Liz Earle’s mobile site. Leveraging the rich functionality that users enjoyed about the desktop site, Usablenet was able to offer the company’s customers a consistent multichannel experience. Notable features included:

  • Scrolling carousel with promotional images
  • Quick-buy functionality on category pages
  • Dynamic icon to signal cart activity
  • “Get the Look” videos that help customers to best use Liz Earle products
  • “Love List”, which acts like a personalized bookmark across screens

Since launch, sales have gone up, up, up

By building in U-Campaign functionality, Usablenet enabled Liz Earle’s internal teams to easily add or change content on the mobile site and within promotional carousels. In the first six months after the launch of the mobile site, Liz Earle saw an increase in average weekly visitors of nearly 70% and conversion rates grew 50% over the first full year post-launch. Since 2013, Liz Earle’s online unique sales have quadrupled. 


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