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About Finnair

Ensuring Compliance with Web Accessibility Regulations

FinnAir is Finland’s largest airline, transporting more than 10 million passengers to dozens of European, Asian, and North American destinations each year. With more and more travel arrangements being made online, an airline’s website must offer a strong user experience. Yet now there is an additional challenge: the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) required that carriers’ websites be accessible to all users by mid-2016. To ensure compliance, FinnAir asked Usablenet to undertake a complete audit of its site.

Accessibility was Usablenet’s founding expertise

With an approaching deadline and the threat of penalties for noncompliance, it was essential that FinnAir choose an independent third-party to assess whether its in-house-developed site conformed with Department of Transportation and ACAA accessibility requirements.

Usablenet’s history as an expert in web accessibility proved invaluable, as did its extensive technical knowledge in providing direction on how to resolve any issues found.

Finding and fixing issues

In all, Usablenet’s accessibility experts performed two audits of the site. The first identified areas where compliance fell short, assessed the severity of the issues, and described the potential complexities of the fixes. After FinnAir implemented Usablenet’s recommendations, the second audit revealed a 100% success rate on the tests performed. With Usablenet’s help, FinnAir now provides a highly accessible digital experience for diverse users that complies with the legal requirements of the ACAA.


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