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About FedEx

Helping FedEx Deliver an Exceptional User Experience on Mobile

FedEx operates in more than 220 countries and territories, and delivers more than four million packages worldwide each day. The growth of ecommerce has reshaped how FedEx supports its customers, particularly on mobile. The company wanted its mobile site to complement its global market reach – while maintaining a consistent mobile experience on any platform or business unit.

Providing customers with self-service functionality

FedEx partnered with Usablenet to create an effective mobile site that delivered a strong customer experience. The goal for the site was to expand the number of ways customers and retailers can interact with FedEx from their mobile phones. With Usablenet’s help, FedEx now allows customers to track a package, receive automated shipment updates, get a shipping quote, and create a shipping label – on their own, from their phone. The site was one of the first to be built with HTML5 and to make use of location services to enable the “find near me” function on GPS-enabled devices.

Higher traffic, increased loyalty

Since the launch of the mobile site, FedEx has seen consistent and sustained growth in mobile traffic, as well as increased customer loyalty. Overall site performance has been strong, particular during major shopping periods such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, when fast, reliable shipping is most critical. 


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